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    Avgerinos Cosmetics is a family-owned farming company based in Athens, which began its activity many years ago (1964) from the workshop of her farmer. In the field of natural aesthetics, the family develops a separate activity exclusively for modern ones, high quality Vegan and natural products that benefit the person overall, I'm sorry.

    Avgerinos Cosmetics is now one of the leading companies of its industry in Greece, > > > > In Athens there are 3 exclusive stores available in the best e e r Zones and available products in more than 800 stores worldwide Woo.
    Offer a large phase of products for the treatment of the face and the body as a whole. And I'm going to tell you, products intended for women and men, which meet the expectations of the modern consumer and are characterised by:

    • Top quality
    • Vegan and gluten free certified composition.
    • High natural rates
    • Attractive “look and feel”
    • Provide a special home spa experience (relaxation, wellness)
    • Suitable for all ages
    • Accessible values

    93 products